3 Confessions of the Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers at Pet Patrol

Joy, unconditional love, terrific ears, and plenty of sloppy kisses are all qualities our dogs bring into our lives. It’s only natural that you wish for nothing but the best for them. So, whether you’re at work, late, or on vacation, Pet Patrol will be there to help you!

Confessions of the Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers at Pet Patrol

The extra care and attention we give to our clients’ pets is always greatly appreciated. Beyond the fundamentals of food, drink, and exercise, we strive to create a close relationship with your pets so that each visit is a wonderful, happy experience!

We wouldn’t change anything about what we do as we are passionate about pet sitting and dog walking.

BUT, there are a few things we’ve kept from you…

1. Our devices are full of your pets, maybe even more than our own. Spending time with these lovable creatures makes it impossible to resist mementos of our time spent together.


2. Confidential Convos: We talk to your pets constantly. We ask about their weekends or days; anything interesting.


3. We know your dog’s fur-iends and fur-nemies in the neighborhood.
We’d avoid neighbor 2 because Fido will bark at us. OR slow down at neighbor 4 because your dog likes to check out Rocco’s backyard.

Confessions of the Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

In a nutshell, we can agree we’re pet-obsessed sitters/walkers in the Orland Park area. Your dog gave us a paw? SHARED. Tail’s wagging after our walk? You bet we’re going to brag about it too! We LOVE and adore your pets and want to thank YOU for trusting us with spending time with them.



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