4 Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Myths We See All The Time

There are many reasons why pet parents are not comfortable leaving pets home alone for long periods of time. This includes fear of bad behavior, separation anxiety, lack of stimulation and more. These reasons are why pet parents these days seek to leave their pets in professional care, for peace of mind while away at work or on vacation. 

Oftentimes parents are worried about leaving their pets in someone else’s care because of the misguided assumptions about professional pet sitting services.

Read on, because we are going to debunk four major myths about professional pet sitting services and get you on board with us. If you are a pet mom or pet dad, this is for you:

Myth #1: Pet sitting is not a “real job.” You just have to sit all day.

This could not be further from the truth. Pet sitting is a valid occupation just as being a Caregiver, Teacher, Politician, or Banker, etc, are valid occupations. Technically it can be done by anyone, but to be a professional one must be familiar with all aspects of animal care and behavior, whether through extensive prior experience or pet care training programs. Pet sitting can be a very active job depending on the types of pets and what it is a pet sitter may be required to do: exercise, provision of food & water, grooming, cleaning, etc.

Myth #2: The neighbor kid can do it cheaper.

Cheap does not equate to quality. Neither is it worry-free. Having kids watch your pets is not without risks and is an added responsibility. Pets, like people, require quality time and attention. Every pet is unique, and a trained pet sitter is aware of these differences and treats each animal as such.


Myth #3: Pet sitting is only for when you’re out of town.

Pet sitting services are not only for when you’re out of town, you can be at work or home and need an extra hand with your fur babies; whether it is for transportation to the vet or groomer’s, personal shopping for your pet, dog walking, etc. Pet sitting has a range of services which can be customized to suit your needs.

Myth #4: Pets will be scared and depressed when left with sitters.

Pets are treated like family, with love and care in the comfort of their own home. Before pets are left with sitters, there is an obligatory meet and greet session which helps pets get acquainted and comfortable. 

If you’re faced with leaving your dog at home while on vacation or away, or you just need an extra hand with your pet, do not hesitate to hire a pet care professional. We are passionate, trained professionals who collaborate closely with clients to provide the best possible care for their pets. Say goodbye to these misconceptions about pet sitting services and hire yourself a professional today!



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