What our clients are saying…

Thank you for everything you do. Greycie is so happy and content since Pet Patrol has come into our lives.
— Jennifer

Thank you for taking good care of Austin. I appreciate the quality of service you provide.
— Sharon

Thank you so much for looking after Toby for me while I went on vacation. I really appreciate all the extra time and care you provided when my little guy was sick. Your detailed report really made me feel at ease to know that he was in such good hands.
— Pam

Dear Pet Patrol,
My wife Debbie and I have three children that have grown up and live on their own, but with us at home, we still have Ted, our kids 12 year old Sheltie that is an important member of our family. Whenever a weekend trip comes up, we always call Trindal at Pet Patrol to care for Ted. This is a great service that lets Ted stay at the house. Meanwhile, we know that our dog is being cared for by a professional, who makes sure there is always food and fresh water in addition to three good outdoor walks per day. We also enjoy reading the detailed report that we receive upon our return that details everything (including the number of P&P per day), which always makes me grin.
— Tom

My husband, Hamen, and I feel that things are going great, regardless if Madison is with Lauren or with Trindal . I’m sure Madison has fun everyday. Your daily visits have made a huge difference in her anxiety. When I get home everyday she is a lot more calm than she was before Pet Patrol came on the scene! We can’t think of anything that you guys can do to make anything better at this point! We appreciate you guys being flexible on days that we need you to be, it makes things easier for us. It’s nice to know that both of you have taken to her so well.
— Joyce

Thank you so much for the terrific care you gave to our kitties, lizard and puppy. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of your willingness to check on our puppy Brady when our plane was late landing. You are an angel!
— Ellen

Thank you for taking such good care of Dakota, Bud, Nikki and Izzy. There are never any worries about them when they are in Pet Patrol’s care.
— Linda

I just wanted to remind you that you and your staff are doing a great job and I’m so happy that I have you to take care of my little Zoe during the day!!
— Sara