Why Having a Friend Watch Your Pets Isn’t Always a Good Idea

It would be ideal to give your fur-buddy the required daily walks but you may just be too busy. You don’t want to leave your pet alone but It’s not all the time family or dear friends are available for pet-sitting.

Don’t fret! This is what we do at Pet Patrol – we take care of your pets for you!

Have you heard about professional dog walkers and pet sitting services? In fact, pet sitting services are increasingly being considered by a growing number of people. Between 2014 and 2018, Google searches for dog and cat sitting services increased by more than 30%.

We are certified/trained professionals

If you’re wondering why pet owners choose to engage professional pet sitters/dog walkers over calling a friend to look after their pet, here are three reasons that might persuade you:

1. We are certified/trained professionals

Before being employed, each Pet Patrol dog walker or pet sitter must pass a thorough background check. Also before heading out on their own, the walkers and sitters go through a structured training program and are shadowed for the first week.

2. We are passionate about pets

We are enthusiastic about pet sitting and dog walking because we absolutely love pets. This is why we decided to make a living doing it.

This is our only focus – just us and your pets

3. This is our only focus – just us and your pets

Any pet owner‘s main concerns are consistency and knowing who is in their home. Every day, we provide the same walker to keep things consistent. If your regular walker is unavailable, we will notify you that another Pet Patrol walker will be arriving that day. There will be no unpleasant surprises or increased stress as a result.

We are passionate about pets

Our clients are always highly appreciative of the extra care and attention that we give to their pets. This is because our team at Pet Patrol work closely with clients to give the finest possible care for their pets.

We attempt to build a strong relationship with your pets beyond the basics of food, drink, and exercise so that each visit is a positive, happy experience!


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